The Beach Wire and Ribbon Necklace

$46.00 USD


Product Description

Hand knit wire and ribbon necklace with sea shells, ivory and touches of tiffany blue. These new wire necklaces are both delicate and sexy...while making a statement. They are completely unique and one of kind. They are hand knit and no two come out the same as the beads line up differently every time.

This necklace was created to match my Beach cuffs and rings. This mix is shades of sand with a mix of taupe, gold, cream and touches of tiffany blue. The hand knit golden wire dances with pearls in various soft shades of ivory, tan, gold, sea shells and tiny blue beads. The knit golden wire is woven with a soft brown cording and ribbon to enhance this piece.

The width of the necklace is 1/2" while the length is anywhere from 13 1/2" to 15 1/2...with an extender chain. If you need it to be longer in length- just let me know.

The Beach Wire and Ribbon Necklace

Lapis Beach

Welcome to Lapis Beach Unique Hand Knit Wearable Art!

In my shop you will orignal pieces of jewelry that utilize semi precious stones and czech glass. I offer a variety of different styles and widths of bracelets, rings, pendants...and have over 15 different color mixes to choose from. Every single item knits up differently every time. All are truly unique and original!

I am in the process of listings items and hope to have a bunch up really soon. If you would like to see more examples of my work you can also find me here